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Seeking Compensation for Groups of Individuals Harmed in California

When companies engage in misconduct or violations of federal or state laws, it can cause harm to employees and consumers. Many different laws provide you with the right to seek compensation from parties that cause you harm, and sometimes, conduct will cause harm to many different people. In this situation, you might have the ability to join up and bring legal action against the violative company together.

Getting in touch with a consumer class action lawyer to file the lawsuits can have many benefits, as working as a group can put you at an advantage against adverse parties, which are often large corporations with extensive resources. The following are some types of class action cases that the class action lawsuit attorney at Setareh Law Group, California can handle:

Wage and Hour

Some companies have policies or engage in conduct that violates federal or California state labor laws and affects numerous employees. These violations can result in unpaid wages and overtime, denied meal and rest breaks, unpaid vacation time, unreimbursed expenses, and much more. Employees can work together to hold a company accountable for its violations and recover the wages and damages they deserve.

Mass Torts

Some parties engage in conduct that causes injuries to many people. Some examples include selling dangerous drugs or products to the widespread public or committing environmental violations that cause toxic harm to a community. When numerous people suffer the same type of harm from the same conduct, they may qualify to bring a class action to seek recovery for all of their losses at once.

Product Liability

The most common type of mass tort case is product liability claims. When a large manufacturer allows a defective or dangerous product onto the market, many consumers might suffer serious injuries due to malfunctions or unreasonable risks of harm. Product liability cases can involve motor vehicles, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, household products, and much more. Injured consumers can file a class action to take on the negligent corporation and hold the manufacturer accountable for their injuries.

Consumer Fraud

California law protects consumers from wrongful acts by businesses, though companies continually engage in conduct that violates these laws. If you were the victims of deceptive or unfair business practices or any other type of fraudulent conduct, chances are that other consumers were, as well. We can help you explore the possibility of a class action claim.

FCRA Background Checks

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) sets out clear guidelines for employers who want to conduct background checks on applicants or employees. If companies fail to comply with the law before and after background checks, it violates your rights under federal law. Often, companies engage in widespread violations, and affected job applicants or employees have the right to seek damages for the violation of their rights.

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