Slip & Fall Lawyer in Beverly Hills

Helping Slip and Fall Victims Seek Compensation in California

Slip and fall accidents may not immediately seem like serious events. However, many people who slip and fall sustain injuries that require emergency medical treatment and that may have lasting – and costly – effects. In many cases, slip and falls are the result of negligence on the part of a store or business, and the company should be held fully liable for the losses of injured customers or visitors.

Some common causes of slip and falls include:

  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Debris in aisles or walkways
  • Worn flooring materials

Many of the above arise due to a company’s negligence, including:

  • Failing to inspect the premises for hazards
  • Failing to address potential hazards
  • Failing to warn customers of hazards or risks

Consult with an Experienced California Slip & Fall Lawyer about Your Injuries

Slip and fall victims have the right to seek compensation for their medical bills and other losses from negligent companies. At Setareh Law Group, we will determine the full value of your claim, and we will fight for maximum compensation, whether you receive a fair settlement or have to go to trial. Call (877) 777-3774 or contact us online to speak with a California slip and fall attorney.

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