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Protecting the Rights of Employees with Disabilities in California

The law protects the rights of individuals with disabilities to participate in the workforce and earn a living in California and across the United States. It is strictly unlawful for employers to engage in any of the following based on an actual or perceived physical or mental disability:

  • Refusal to hire
  • Requiring a medical evaluation (unless there is a job offer and the evaluation is required for everyone in that position)
  • Denial of a deserved promotion or pay raise
  • Limiting the employee to certain positions that are not consumer-facing
  • Limiting work hours unnecessarily
  • Harassment
  • Termination

In addition, employees with disabilities have the right to request reasonable accommodations to allow them to perform their jobs. If an employer denies a reasonable accommodation, it can violate the employee’s rights.

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The law clearly protects employees with disabilities from unlawful discrimination. Still, employees continue to have their rights violated by employers who refuse to hire or accommodate qualifies individuals due to disabilities. Our California disability attorneys at Setareh Law Group can stand up for your rights, so please call (877) 777-3774 or contact us online for help today.

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