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Amazon Drivers Class Action Lawsuit

If you are a current or former independent delivery driver for an Amazon contracting company, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for wages you earned that are still owed to you by Amazon.

Under California law, we believe that you should have been classified as an employee and not an independent contractor.  Accordingly, you would have been entitled to all the protections of the the Labor Code, including the payment of minimum wages, overtime/double-time and reimbursement for all expenses incurred for using your own personal vehicle (such as gas, maintenance, insurance and repairs).  You also should have been provided with meal and rest periods.

You were not the only one who were treated this way by Amazon and the contracting company you worked with and so it is imperative that you contact us so that we can seek relief on behalf of everyone who was harmed by these companies.

Air France “Premium” Economy Seats and “Reclining” Seats

If you have flown on an Air France flight and paid for “Premium” Economy Seats based on their representation that the seats had “40% more space” and “reclines” we want to hear about your experience.