Mr. Setareh graduated with honors from the University of California at Los Angeles. He then attended Loyola University of Los Angeles, known as one of the most competitive law schools in the country. He thereafter established his own firm in Los Angeles.

Mr. Segal is a seasoned civil litigator and since 2006 has exclusively represented individuals and small businesses in class actions and other complex litigation. His practice involves labor and employment class action lawsuits involving various violations of the California and federal labor laws, wrongful termination cases such as discrimination and harassment claims.

William M. Pao represents workers in wage-and-hour and background check class actions, as well as single party wrongful termination claims. After spending the early part of his career on the defense side at several “biglaw” firms, William joined Setareh Law Group in 2017 because of his passion for worker’s rights, especially when it comes to small employees in large companies.

Farrah Grant works to vindicate the rights of employees in the workplace on a classwide and individual basis. Ms. Grant represents employees in federal and state court on a wide variety of wage and hour claims, including unpaid wages, meal break and rest break violations, inaccurate wage statements, and unreimbursed work expenses.

Alex McIntosh joined Setareh Law Group in March of 2019. Her practice focuses on wage and hour class actions, PAGA actions, FCRA actions and individual employment cases.

Candice Pillion is an experienced labor and employment attorney. Her time in practice has been focused on representing workers in wage and hour, background check, misclassification, and wrongful termination claims.

Ethan C. Surls is committed to representing workers in both class action and individual suits.  A native of Los Angeles’ South Bay, Ethan graduated from the University of Arizona in three years before going on to attend Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.  Ethan joined Setareh Law Group in 2019 to help fight for the rights of workers after a decade in the restaurant industry where he experienced the struggles that employees face at the hands of their employers first hand.