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Whistleblower law can protect employees if they choose to file a fraud case against their company or employer. However, many employees have misgivings regarding this lawsuit, either due to inadequate knowledge of how to proceed or fear of retaliation. The good thing is, if you have an experienced whistleblower attorney fighting your case, you could not only bring fraud or illegal activity against the government to the limelight but also reap the benefits of financial incentives for your courage to speak up, despite the risks.

Before you make any claims, it’s important to learn everything you can about the federal false claims act and federal whistleblower laws. For that, you would need good whistleblower attorneys at your side. If you require legal counsel or representation from whistleblower lawyers in Los Angeles, CA, contact Setareh Law Group now. Schedule a free consultation with our whistleblower lawyer now to begin.

How to File a Whistleblower Lawsuit in Los Angeles, CA

If you’re aware of a company defrauding a government agency, you can file a whistleblower lawsuit against the company and enjoy the financial rewards for bringing the case to the limelight. Here is how you can file a whistleblower or qui tam lawsuit. 

Schedule a free consultation with Setareh Law Group to hire outstanding lawyers for your lawsuit and learn about the local laws and federal laws surrounding Medicare fraud and Medicaid fraud, as well as the Sarbanes Oxley act, labor code section, and California employment law in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, CA and nearby cities.


Verify whether the false claim act is being infringed

Before you take any legal action, you need to verify whether the specific statutes of the false claims act are being violated by the company. In the broader sense, if the company is defrauding the government financially by either withholding funds owed to the government (for instance, tax fraud) or by fabricating false invoices, you are eligible to file for a whistleblower claim in Los Angeles, CA. Confirm legal violations before approaching the courts in whistleblower cases. Schedule a free consultation with an attorney in Los Angeles now.

Collect evidence

Mere allegations won’t do the trick in the court. Lack of evidence would get the fraudulent company off the hook, but you could also face retaliation by your employer if you fail to prove your accusations. You need to collect any documents, financial statements,

invoices, emails, memos, or audio and video recordings to prove that the company has been cheating the government out of money. 

Whistleblower lawyers in Los Angeles  can help you gather evidence against the business engaging in fraudulent activity and committing legal violations if you require the assistance of a Los Angeles whistleblower attorney, schedule a free consultation with Setareh Law Group in Los Angeles, CA. Our whistleblower lawyer would help you with the evidence against fraudulent and illegal activity and more.

Hire a Los Angeles whistleblower attorney

Los Angeles whistleblower lawyers know the appropriate laws surrounding whistleblowers’ claims inside out, as well as government contracts. They know what specific laws your company or employer has violated through their illegal activities. This is why to prove that there was a wrongful act in a play, you would need the assistance of Los Angeles whistleblower lawyers to prove your case.

A whistleblower attorney could conduct independent research to look into the matter you’ve brought into the spotlight and build a strong case for you. They would also deal with other legal issues involved in a whistleblower case. This way, you can also get peer evaluations done. So before you take the case to court, hire a law firm or whistleblower lawyer with notable professional achievements and peer nominations to fight your whistleblower case. Contact whistleblower lawyers from Setareh Law Group for a free consultation in California. Our attorneys are in high demand for such cases.

Stay patient through the legal process.

Qui tam lawsuits can take a long time to conclude. It can often take years, so the key is to remain patient and assist in the investigation. You can offer any insight you may have to your whistleblower lawyer and help speed up the process. But you nonetheless would have to stay patient while the case runs its natural course. Until the case gets concluded, make sure that you don’t reveal any sensitive information to the outside parties other than your attorney. 

Discuss the particulars of the case only with your whistleblower lawyer if you don’t wish to find yourself on the wrong side of the state and federal laws. If you’re considering filing a Los Angeles whistleblower, contact Setareh Law Group. You would find our quick response beneficial to your case. Schedule a free consultation with Los Angeles whistleblower lawyers now. Our other related practice areas include wage and hour cases, class actions, wrongful termination, and personal injury. Contact our Los Angeles whistleblower lawyers with any legal issues you may have for a free consultation.

Why Choose Setareh Law Group, California

Setareh Law Group is a personal injury law firm with years of experience representing clients in whistleblower cases. Defrauding the government is a heinous crime, and any organization engaging in such an activity deserves to be punished by a law enforcement agency. We encourage any individual brave enough to come forward with the information and proof they have against such fraudsters. Our Los Angeles whistleblower attorneys would brief you on the whole legal process, whistleblower protections, and even assist in filing the lawsuit. You can also count on us to gather evidence for your claim and build a high degree case for you.

If you want to file a whistleblower claim in Los Angeles, California, schedule a free consultation with our whistleblower lawyer. We also represent personal injury clients as well as sage and hour clients, so get in touch with us now. Contact us to learn more about our practice area.

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