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Standing Up for Injured Clients in Class Action Cases

Personal injury law allows for injured individuals to seek financial recovery from the parties responsible for their injuries. Many personal injury cases involve a single plaintiff filing a claim after a car accident or another unexpected incident. However, some personal injury claims can become more complicated when the same parties injured many people in a similar manner.

When a number of people suffered the same type of harm, they might qualify to pursue a mass torts case and file a class action lawsuit. These cases are highly complex, and you need an experienced California mass torts lawyer protecting your rights. The legal team at Setareh Law Group can help, so please contact us today.

Mass Torts Claims in California

Mass torts cases can arise from different types of accidents and conduct, often by large companies. Some examples of common mass torts claims include:

  • Dangerous pharmaceuticals
  • Defective medical devices
  • Defective products that were available to the public
  • Environmental toxic torts
  • Aviation accidents

Many mass torts cases involve product liability claims, which stem from a manufacturer selling a defective product on the market, and the product then causes harm or death to many people. This can include dangerous drug, defective motor vehicles, and much more.

Taking on a large company to seek financial recovery can be a daunting task. However, injured individuals have significantly more leverage when they join together in a class action. If you have been injured, our attorneys can examine whether you might qualify for a mass torts case, and we can handle the entire legal process for you.

Discuss a Possible Case with a California Mass Torts Attorney Today

The Setareh Law Group has been fighting for our clients’ rights since 1999, and we have successfully obtained over $100 million on behalf of our clients. We fight for the true value of each claim, whether it can be obtained through settlement or we have to fight for your rights at trial. If you would like to discuss a possible mass torts case, please call (877) 777-3774 or contact us online.

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