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While employers in California are required to provide paid sick time, they are not required to provide paid vacation time. However, if an employer chooses to provide vacation pay, there are guidelines under state labor laws that must be followed. An employer may not grant paid vacation to some employees and deny others for discriminatory reasons. However, an employer can provide vacation time to certain groups of employees on a non-discriminatory basis, such as providing vacation pay for managers but not non-managers.

If your employer fails to pay you for vacation time when required, you should discuss the matter with an experienced California vacation pay lawyer at Setareh Law Group right away.

Vacation Pay in California

If an employer offers paid vacation time, this time will accrue as the employee works. For example, if a company gives ten days per year, the employee should accrue about five days after six months of work. This vacation time is not on a “use-it-or-lose-it” basis in California. Instead, vacation time earned is considered to be earned wages under the law, and denying properly accrued vacation time is considered to be withholding earned wages. If an employee is terminated or ends their own employment, the employer must pay them for unused paid vacation days they accrued.

If an employer fails to pay you for vacation days taken or fails to provide compensation for unused vacation upon your separation from the company, you might have the right to take legal action.

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