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Bringing Class Action Claims for FCRA Background Check Violations

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a comprehensive consumer protection law that regulates the use of consumer information in many contexts. One aspect of the law protects consumers when it comes to the use of their background information and credit histories. There are strict requirements for employers who wish to conduct background checks on applicants or employees, though many companies violate the FCRA regulations, often resulting in unlawful harm.

Setareh Law Group represents clients who suffered unnecessary harm due to wrongful background checks and FCRA violations. In many cases, numerous people can join together and file a class action lawsuit against a company, which might put them in a better position to recover the damages they deserve. To discuss a possible class action lawsuit stemming from FCRA violations, call our California background check attorneys today.

Unlawful Background Checks

The FCRA specifically requires employers to do the following prior to obtaining background information for an applicant or employee:

  • Clearly disclose to the individual in a standalone document that a background check might be requested
  • Obtain the written consent of the individual to request the information

While these steps may seem straightforward, many employers fail to comply with these requirements, such as including the FCRA disclosure in with other application paperwork or including extraneous language on the disclosure.

Furthermore, if a company refuses to hire you or terminates you based on background check information, the must first present you with the information obtained so you can review it for accuracy, as well as inform you of your rights under the FCRA. The company must provide you with certain information after informing you of the adverse employment decision.

Speak with Our California FCRA Background Check Lawyers Today

Many companies fail to follow the necessary background check procedures and violate the rights of applicants and employees. Our attorneys at Setareh Law Group know how to seek statutory damages, actual damages, and more for clients after wrongful background checks and related employment decisions. Call (877) 777-3774 or contact us online to discuss a possible case.

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