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The Waiting Time Penalty for Final Wages in Los Angeles, California

In California, you have the right to receive your final paycheck, in full and on time, after your employment contract ends. This means that if you are terminated, resign, or your contract expires, your employer is obligated to pay you for all the work you have performed, including unused vacation or other forms of compensation. If your employer fails to do so, they may be subject to a waiting time [...]

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Effects of Workplace Discrimination on Employees

Discrimination in the workplace occurs when a worker is treated unfairly or mistreated by colleagues or an employer. The good thing is that a discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles can help victims of workplace discrimination. Mistreatment typically focuses on the protected characteristics of employment, like race, religion, and age. Contact a discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles for legal counsel; if you've been unfairly treated at work, 10 Effects of Workplace Discrimination on [...]

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An Overview of Workplace Discrimination

According to a reputable discrimination attorney in Los Angeles, workplace discrimination is illegal in Los Angeles. This vice can affect victims mentally and negatively impact their overall productivity. If you've been unfairly treated in the workplace for no reason, you should consult a discrimination attorney in Los Angeles. In this article, we discuss everything about workplace discrimination. Workplace Discrimination Explained Discrimination at work in the United States is a persistent problem [...]

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What is the statute of limitations for wrongful termination in California?

If you have been wrongfully terminated from your job in California, you may be wondering how long you have to file a lawsuit. The answer depends on the reason for your termination. In this article, you will learn the statute of limitations for various wrongful termination cases in California. Breach of implied contract – 2 years If you don't have an employment contract but have been fired in violation of [...]

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Ralph’s Class-Action Lawsuit

If you have worked for Ralphs as an hourly employee anytime from July 3, 2014 to August 7, 2019, you may be entitled to significant compensation as part of a lawsuit that alleges that you were not treated correctly under California state law. More specifically, this lawsuit alleges that Ralphs did not provide 30-minute, uninterrupted meal periods for employees. The lawsuit also alleges that Ralphs did not provide rest breaks [...]

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How Employees Get Protected by Discrimination Laws?

It is evident that people are still experiencing discrimination in their workplace despite it being illegalized. It occurs in different forms and the level of protection is dependent on what the discrimination is based on, how, and where it occurred. The discrimination laws were drafted and have proven very useful in ensuring that employees are not unfairly treated based on their sex, race, and ethnicity. One can get help in [...]

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A General Guide on the Process of Getting an Employment Lawyer

One of the horrors that an employee may face in their workplace is getting into an argument with the employer. This often leads to one’s termination. Now, the termination may be valid especially when the employee is at fault. But, when it is found out that the termination is done under wrong circumstances, it is time to look for an employment attorney Los Angeles so proper actions are taken. But, [...]

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Why Employment Lawyers are a Necessity Today?

The best employment lawyers in Los Angeles exist to advice employees in the state as well as federal laws that have been violated. These lawyers work to ensure that employees get treated fairly at all times and that employers remain in compliance with set out rules governing the workplace. Employment lawyers can be such a big help since they can come up with draft laws on wage laws and rights, [...]

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