If you are one of the many people who suddenly got fired from their job without clear reasoning, you may be able to file a wrongful termination claim. When you are terminated from your job with reasons that violate the federal and the local laws, as well as the employment agreement, this is called a wrongful termination. This may be the perfect time to call a wrongful termination attorney Los Angeles.

In this article, we will show you the different reasons or situations where a wrongful termination lawsuit may be filed.


The federal law gives protection to employees from being terminated from their jobs because of discrimination in terms of their gender, age, race, disability, or religion. There are even some states that consider it illegal to fire someone because of their sexual preference.

  • Do you have evidence that you were discriminated directly through writing or verbally?
  • Did you see other employees being treated differently based on their gender, age, or race?
  • Did you hear higher authorities make statements that indicate their biased opinions against a certain group?

If you answer “yes” to the general questions above, then your wrongful termination case will have a chance.


Harassment is basically any act or comment that are offensive in nature directed at someone. Consider filing for a wrongful termination lawsuit if you are positive about the following:

  • Did the authorities in your organization make insulting comments or do offensive actions towards your age, gender, race, religion, or sexual preference?
  • Did these comments or actions happen regularly?
  • Did you receive sexual favors in exchange for keeping your job?
  • Did you receive negative treatment as a result of not agreeing with the favors you received?


An employer may not retaliate at an employee for participating in protected practices. An example of a protected practice is reporting any illegal behavior happening within the confines of the organization. Here are a few questions that might help in determining whether you were fired because the employer retaliated at you.

  • Did you participate in reporting violations and illegal behaviors in your organization just before your termination?
  • If you did, did the employer have a negative reaction?
  • Did you receive any warning to not participate in these kinds of practices?
  • Did the company discourage you from practicing the legal rights you are entitled to?

Breach of Contract

The last among this list is getting fired by violating the contract agreement. Most employees will have written contracts but there are some additional conditions that are agreed through verbal conversations.

  • Did your termination include a reason that violated the clauses of your contract?
  • Did your employer make verbal statements that said your job is guaranteed?
  • Did your contract state specific reasons for getting fired?

All these things may be simple to answer but the process that comes after that can be very complicated. So, consider hiring a wrongful termination attorney Los Angeles to help you in every aspect of your case in the event you decide to fight for it.