A serious dilemma for workers in California who seek a sound attorney in the California labor board laws is that there is no special bar examination that prove a particular attorney is good in the aspect of employment law. So while looking for an attorney in California, most of them usually sound alike and give similar understanding to your plight, making it quite difficult to make a choice

Important Questions to Consider While Searching for a Labor Law Attorney

To help make this a less difficult task and an easy ride, we have come up with important questions that you must have in mind while looking to hire:

  1. How deeply concerned about your plight is the employment law attorney? Does he pay you rapt attention while talking? Most law attorneys that have become successful in the field of employment and labor law have done so by duly understanding their client’s predicament and putting themselves first in place of their client. So you have to ensure that the law attorney genuinely listens to you from his heart
  2. Is the law attorney a sole worker or does he have a team he works with? This must also be noted before looking to hire an employment law attorney. Working with a team means there are more people to understand your plight better, increasing your chance of success.
  3. Is the attorney a full time labor and employment law attorney? Even though it is quite rare to see an attorney that is solely focused on only labor and employment, it would better your chances if you can find one, as they have experience and know how to handle most of the cases they get.
  4. Is the attorney a part of Californian employment lawyers association? If yes, then hire immediately.
  5. Has the law attorney previously been in a leadership role of any professional organization?
  6. From where does the employment law attorney work? Ensure you choose the one that has an office where activities are being overseen.

Criteria for Choosing Your Labor Law Attorney


While looking to choose your employment law attorney, choose one who is highly reputable in the aspect of Californian labor board laws. To know about the attorney’s reputation, the best way is to get information that a former client has about the attorney.


Pro-bono simply means giving back to the society voluntarily and this is a very important aspect that should be looked at before choosing to hire an attorney. If you have an attorney that have frequently engaged in pro-bono cases, then the attorney is surely a ‘’cry for justice’’ attorney and you can be rest assured that your case is in safe hands.


Choose an attorney that will take his time to prepare very well about your case — this would increase your chances of winning.

In conclusion, you need to ensure the attorney you choose doesn’t just take up the case for the money involved but to seek justice for your issues with genuine concern.