Losing a job can be devastating. But it’s even worse when you are illegally fired. Luckily, in such circumstances, there’s a lot that can be done to ensure you get what you deserve.

It’s a crappy feeling when your boss calls you to their office and hands you a termination letter. You might have caught some hints that your boss wants you out, but in some cases, the termination could be an unpleasant surprise. Whatever the case, it’s advisable that stay calm, instead of trying to lash out in anger. However, this doesn’t mean that you pack your boxes and head home to cry your problems out, no; because there are cases when the employers illegally terminate employees.

It’s always good to ensure that your firing was within the specified law, and the best way to do so is by contacting a wrongful termination lawyer Los Angeles. A recent study revealed that approximately 150,000 people are wrongfully terminated in the US. In those instances, the employees can win the case that would either offer a settlement to sail them through while they are looking for a new job or reinstate them. Still unsure of whether you were rightfully or wrongfully terminated? Here are five signs you were wrongfully terminated from your job:

Your employer violated implied or written promises

Before you start working for a company, you go into a contract –this could be verbal or written. And while some contracts aren’t specific regarding the amount of time you are guaranteed work, some will include timeframes. If it happens that your employers fire you before that time is over, then you could have a case against them, as long as there isn’t a “good reason” for the firing.

You are a victim of discrimination

The anti-discrimination laws that cover you during the hiring process also protect you from being terminated. Employers are prohibited from firing an employee based on their gender, race, age, orientation or national origin. In most states, an employee cannot be terminated for their pregnancy, marital status or military affiliation.

There was a violation of fair dealing and good faith

You cannot be terminated for unfair employment practices – like if your employer didn’t want to pay for a sales commission, or if they misled you about a wage increase or promotion, or if they just came up with a reason to terminate you to hire someone who will accept a smaller paycheck, then you have a case against your employer.

Your employer breached public policy

Your employer has no right to fire you for taking time off to vote, for jury duty or to serve in the National Guard or military. They cannot terminate you for missing work due to reasons covered by federal laws. An employer is restricted from firing an employee who takes medical or family leaves for a reason stated in the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Your employer retaliated against you

Your employer is prohibited to fire you because of whistleblowing or doing something that’s legally protected in the workplace. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Act protect you from being terminated for formally complaining about a safety or health concern in the workplace.


By working with a wrongful termination lawyer Los Angeles, you get to receive guidance regarding the process and the best course of action to take.