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Sexual harassment in the workplace is serious. Everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable at their workplace. However, as experienced sexual harassment lawyers in Beverly Hills, CA, we know that this type of behavior is all too prevalent. 

Whether it is inappropriate touching, asking for sexual favors, using offensive language, unwanted touching, or behavior of sexual nature, harassment in the workplace can take on many forms. It’s a legal issue in Beverly Hills, CA, that can haunt anybody. 

If you have experienced sexual harassment and need legal help, you can contact the law offices of Setareh Law Group for an initial free consultation and get in touch with sexual harassment lawyers in Beverly Hills, CA. 

Our outstanding lawyers are experts in legal issues related to California Law, especially dealing with a sexual harassment lawsuit.

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What Are My Rights After Facing Sexual Harassment?

If you are being sexually harassed, you can take action against the person responsible. In Beverly Hills, CA, As per Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, sexual harassment is prohibited at the federal level. On a state level, you can file your complaint with California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). 

When sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, the first thing to do is know your rights and understand that whatever happened is not your fault and that a workplace should be free of sexual harassment. You also need to read your employer’s policy on sexual harassment as it is mandatory to draft as per the California Code of Regulations

If you face sexual harassment in Beverly Hills, CA, you need to report the incident to the organization. You can also consider taking the issue up with DFEH or EEOC. At this step, the experienced sexual harassment attorneys will work well in your favor. Contact our law firm for attorneys in Beverly Hills, CA, for help with your sexual harassment claim and sound legal advice.


Protecting the Rights of Victims of Workplace Sexual Harassment in Beverly Hills, CA

In Beverly Hills, CA, federal and state laws prohibit harassment in the workplace and workplace discrimination based on an employee’s sexual orientation, which includes sexual harassment. Sexual harassment cases can take different forms, and an employer is expected to immediately take action to stop the employee from getting sexually harassed after reporting in Beverly Hills, CA. Unfortunately, sexual advances can persist or escalate in many cases, causing an employee to lose their job and causing emotional or even physical harm.

The following are the two main types of workplace sexual harassment claims:

Hostile work environment harassment – Others in the workplace engage in sexually-related conduct that is persistent or offensive enough to create a hostile work environment.

Quid pro quo harassment – Someone with authority over an employee requires sexual favors in exchange for advancement in the workplace.

As sexual harassment lawyers in Beverly Hills, California, we have also handled cases where our client was targeted by:

  • Lewd jokes and comments
  • Inappropriate sexual gestures
  • Sharing with them inappropriate texts, videos, or images
  • Inappropriate touching
  • Asking them about their sexual history and sharing private information with other coworkers in a distasteful manner
  • Continuously staring at them in a sexual manner
  • Asking them to perform sexual favors in exchange for a promotion

In Beverly Hills, CA, all types of sexual harassment are unacceptable and can result in serious losses and harm to victims. Contact a sexual harassment lawyer from our law office for an initial free consultation. Our local Beverly Hills clients enjoy complete privacy under the attorney-client relationship.  

Our team of sexual harassment lawyers also dedicates valuable resources to conducting independent research in Beverly Hills, California to ensure that we do everything in our power to gather credible evidence and stock the odds in our clients’ favor. We also do this because in cases similar to these, we have seen that the cases are often unable to reach a settlement out-of-court. In cases like these, our sexual harassment attorney is prepared to represent you in a court of law and fight your case.

Discuss Your Situation with Our Dedicated California Sexual Harassment Attorneys in Beverly Hills, CA

Firstly, sexual harassment needs to be reported to the human resources department before you can take the sexual harassment claim in Beverly Hills, CA, any further. However, complaints like these can lead to several consequences. Also, if you are preparing to report sexual harassment to authorities such as Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, you need to be prepared. 

Sexual harassment lawyers from the Setareh Law Group, Beverly Hills, CA, can help you navigate the legal system about wrongful termination and sexual harassment issues and work their hardest to get you a fair compensation under discrimination laws. 

Our legal team at Setareh Law Group, Beverly Hills, CA, stands up for the rights of sexual harassment victims, and we work to hold employers fully accountable, so our clients recover the full damages they deserve. Call (866) 572-6384 or contact us online to speak with a California sexual harassment lawyer today through an initial free consultation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have been sexually harassed; what should I do?

This is one of the most common questions we get. Depending on the severity of the situation, it can be mentally and physically difficult to get a grip on the situation, especially when you do not know what to do and when to do things. We often advise our clients to appoint an experienced sexual harassment lawyer, especially when they fear retaliation.


For many, the road to recovery starts from holding the responsible person accountable for their actions and getting justice. They can also claim compensation for damages suffered from the help of sexual harassment lawyers in our law firm. Aside from a legal standpoint, here are the following steps to follow:


  • Many victims often blame themselves or try to reason out the incident. You need to remember that it was not your fault, and you are not to blame. 


  • You need to accept and process what transpired, rather than dismiss it. When you know what happened to you was wrong, it becomes easier to take action, especially as a means to stop continuous abuse. 


  • It is also good if you talk to somebody about it – whether it is a trusted friend, a family member, or a therapist, it will help you not feel isolated and alone.


  • Next, a sexual harassment lawyer will always recommend documenting everything. If you are receiving inappropriate emails or messages, take screenshots and store them to act as evidence. Ensure to journal everything as and when things as a means to record every action of the abuser.

Do the abuser and victim has to be of opposite sexes to file a valid claim in Beverly Hills, California?

No, after years of functioning as a sexual harassment attorney, the abuser’s and victim’s sexual orientation does not hold any weight in deciding the validity of the claim. Anyone could be a victim of sexual harassment. 


Can I get fired after reporting sexual harassment?

No, legally, you cannot be fired just because you filed a complaint regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. It is against the law to terminate or discriminate in the workplace after an employee has filed a sexual harassment complaint. If you were fired after reporting an incident that violated the organization’s code of conduct, you may have been wrongfully terminated. Contact our law firm for legal counsel on how to proceed next. 


What damages can I recover in a sexual harassment claim?

An employee can recover damages for emotional distress, mental anguish, lost income, legal fees, and medical bills that resulted directly or indirectly from sexual harassment. A sexual harassment lawyer of our law firm can also help you determine the correct amount of damages since many of the non-economic damages can be hard to calculate. We can also help you recover punitive damages if the harassment was especially outrageous, egregious, and shocking.


After sexual harassment, things can often get hazy in the victim’s mind, and it could be hard to determine their next steps. You can call our law firm if you have a potential claim on your hands and if you are unsure about what to do. Our sexual harassment attorney can help you with an initial free consultation in Beverly Hills, California.