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Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Setareh Law Group has extensive experience in protecting its clients who were victims in personal injury cases. We bring experienced and prepared attorney’s to each case and have succeeded in cases ranging from auto accidents, work injuries and more.

Truck Accidents

In injury cases involving truck accidents, they present a unique set of issues not found in other cases involving a motor vehicle.  Most notable, is the fact that damages for the injured person are usually higher and/or different from a victim in a single motor vehicle accident.  Truck operators are required to comply with a wide variety of state and federal regulations that govern operators of commercial trucks.  The cases that involve catastrophic injuries and/or wrongful deaths caused by collision with commercial trucks are especially heart-wrenching and motivate the attorneys here at the Setareh Law Group to pursue justice for our deserving clients.

Motorcycle Accidents

Driving on public streets creates an inherent risk, especially so when riding on a motorcycle. Whether a person driving a car fails to see the motorcyclist or driving conditions are hazardess, motorcyclists have a higher risk of injury in a crash than most other car or truck passengers. Not to mention that every accident is unique, the risk is still high and damages serious. Common injuries include: head and neck injuries, lacerations and internal injuries. It is important to recover and get back to normal health after a motorcycle accident and in many cases a victim of a crash will need help. We are here to provide our expertise and experience in these cases starting with a free consultation.

Automobile Accidents

Common automobile accidents include Sideswipe collisions, T-Bone Collisions, head-on collisions and vehicle rollover. These accidents often cause passengers with injuries ranging from whiplash, broken bones, head trauma, coma and potentially fatality. It is our priority to take care of our clients involved in accidents with experienced and effective council with the goal of recouping as much of the damage as possible. Although the trauma from an accident can be scary and permanent, our job is to make sure our clients are provided the justice they deserve.

Burn Cases

Whether at work, outside, at home or going about your day, burn injuries can occur without notice and can be crippling to a person’s life. The threat of fire or explosion in the workplace is prominent in a wide range of professions and even from personal phones these days. When presented with a burn accident or situation it is important to reach out to council with the knowledge and expertise to direct you back to a normal life while fighting for any and all potential back damages.

Slip and Fall

Including premises liability cases involving slip and fall, trip and fall occurrences having to do with the  negligence of property owners. These accidents occur often and if you are a victim of a slip and fall situation we may be able to help you claim your damages. Slip and fall incidents occur sometimes by  a wet floor, narrow stairs, poor lighting, torn carpeting or even cracked public sidewalks. Some cases can occur in outdoor situations because of rain, ice, snow or a hidden hazard.