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Disability Attorney Pasadena

With many years in the disability field, we at Setareh Law Group know how to represent the true costs of disability related legal services. We strive to find every possible option for reducing our clients’ disability legal service costs because we know that translates to happier Pasadena area clients.

Our disability firm holds over many years of experience in helping clients come out of their disability issues with the best possible results. Call us at Setareh Law Group today, and schedule your first consultation to start working at your disability case.

When looking for a law firm, you want someone who will provide personalized service for your specific disability related legal matters. At Setareh Law Group, there are no templates to our job; we take the time to listen to the needs and wants of every Pasadena area client.

If you are in the Pasadena area, call us today!

Legal matters in the Pasadena area courts, be they disability related, or any other situation, can be intimidating without the help of a professional. Do not go into your disability case without the help of our many years of practice at Setareh Law Group.

Setareh Law Group

315 South Beverly Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90212

(310) 888-7771

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Mr. Setareh was able to achieve an eight figure settlement in a wage and hour class action from one of the largest corporations in the world that had hired one of the best law firms in the country to defend them. The Defendant in this case failed to provide meal and rest breaks to its employees, and failed to pay employees who were terminated all of their wages upon termination.

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Mr. Setareh achieved the foregoing settlement in a wage and hour class action. The employer failed to provide their employees with all of their meal and rest breaks, failed to pay them all of their vacation and floating holiday pay, and failed to pay employees who were terminated and/or resigned all of their earned wages at the time the employee left

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$250,000 Sexual Harassment

Mr. Setareh’s client was a woman truck driver who had sued her employer when she was sexually harassed by her training supervisor. The law firm initially filed a claim with the trucking company; however they initially denied all allegations and responsibility for their employees’s conduct. Mr. Setareh filed suit against the company, and the training supervisor personally. Through discovery,

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$175,000 Products Liability

Mr. Setareh represented a factory employee who sued and out of state manufacturer of a machine which caused injuries to his hand. This case was especially difficult and complex because the original manufacturer of the machine had gone out of business and had sold off all of their assets to a second company. Mr. Setareh sued the original company that manufactured the machine, and the company that purchased all of the original company’s assets.

Whether you’re a victim of workplace discrimination or your state employment laws have been violated, getting in touch with an experienced employment attorney can help you gain a better understanding of your legal rights.

Hire some of the best employment lawyers in California and benefit from our free employment consultation services so you never have to worry about being underpaid or mistreated at the workplace.