Failure to Pay Wages Timely

Failure to Pay Wages Timely

At the Setareh Law Group, we are committed to protecting the rights of hardworking workers and their families.  Since 1999, we have dedicated our practice to representing workers in every industry against employers who do not comply with California and federal labor laws.  We have a long history of successfully pursing major corporations from the outset of each case all the way through settlement or jury trial.

We vigorously advocate for our clients through a comprehensive process starting with the intake process.  Every case is reviewed by one of our experienced attorneys who is able to make a determination as to how we may proceed with your case.  We will discuss with you your legal claims and develop a strategy for achieving your goals.  From the day your case is filed, all the way through settlement or jury trial, we will not give up until there is a resolution on your case.

In California, employers are required to furnish you with your final paycheck within a certain time depending on whether you were terminated or if you voluntarily resigned.  An employee who has been terminated by an employer is entitled to receive his or her final wages at the time of termination.  On the other hand, an employee who has voluntarily resigned is entitled to receive his or her wages within 72 hours of resigning, however, if the employee has given more than 72 hours notice, then that employee is entitled to receive his or her final wages on the last day of employment.  There are strict and severe penalties against an employer who fails to comply with this legal requirement.  An employee who has not received his or her final wages as established by law is entitled to recover “waiting time penalties” in the form of continuing wages until receiving their wages or up to 30 days, whichever occurs first.

When pursuing a claim for failure to pay wages timely, it is important to select attorneys who have the necessary knowledge and experience to handle these kinds of cases.  Claims for failure to pay wages timely are difficult to handle alone especially when you are no longer employed and need your wages to pay bills.

Setareh Law Group has represented clients in claims for failure to pay wages timely throughout California.  We are aggressive and relentless trial and appellate lawyers with one singular focus — to achieve the best possible results for our deserving clients.